Introduction to Garcinia Cambogia Extract

garcinia cambogia weight loss

Have you ever heard of the garcinia cambogia extract? It originally came from southwest India and Southeast Asia. Garcinia cambogia fruit looks similar with pumpkin and it is a yellowish fruit as big as the size or an orange. Experts have discovered that Garcinia cambogia fruit extract contains a natural supplement that aids in weight loss by control appetite and stopping weight gain. In the past, garcinia cambogia was used to help cure stomach ache and people also used it as part if their food ingredients.

Since garcinia cambogia extract has been endorsed by the famous Dr. Oz, the fitness “guru” in the world, it has now become one of the best supplements for weight loss ever existed. You might be curious of how the extract work as a weight loss agent, well here are the thing that you should know about garcinia cambogia extract and keep reading.

The famous garcinia cambogia extract is filled with calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin, based on the study of Purdue University. Added to that, one of the most highlighted content of garcinia cambogia extract is the hydroxycitric acid or the HCA which acts as the primary agent in weight loss by turning sugar into fats. Experts also claimed that the hydroxycitric acid works wonder in decreasing one’s appetite which is good for emotional eaters out there.

The extract helps you overpower your hunger and that way you will be able to control what you eat and drink and also absorb the fats during the process of digestion. Orexins is a hormone that works as a reminder that tells you are hungry but the hormone is not produced if you are full. The garcinia cambogia extract communicates with the orexin and keep you from feeling hungry. It is also a good news for those whos suffer from insomnia. Studies have shown that the hydroxycitric acid increases the serotonin levels to a point where it stimulates better sleep pattern.

Garcinia cambogia is also known for its safety, dangers and how it affects people’s health. The truth is garcinia cambogia is not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people who have diabetic, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Garcinia cambogia extract is proven to be so strong and are advisable to take it at least for 12 weeks or less depending on your doctor or nutritionist’s prescription. Excessive intake may cause negative reaction to your body and may damage the liver.

When you are taking garcinia cambogia supplements, during the first or two weeks you might feel dizziness, dry mouth, headache or diarrhea. It depends on how your body responds to the supplement. Keep in mind that garcinia cambogia extract is a natural supplement because it is a magical fruit that contain such compound that the world of weight loss has been searching for all these years.

Do not buy a cheap and fake quality of garcinia cambogia since it contains a lot of additives that are not good for the health. Before you start thinking about buying garcinia cambogia, make sure it came from a reliable company and distributor. Have a thorough research on the product and company; you do not want to end up into scams that eat up all your money.

Garcinia cambogia supplement is best taken with healthy food and regular exercise. This will definitely help you lose weight in a healthy and natural ways. It is not only acts as a weight loss supplement but also responsible for your overall health and well-being.

So if you decide to embark in the new world of garcinia cambogia, discuss to your doctor about it and how garcinia cambogia can work effectively on your weight problems. You might not want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that won’t work for you but if it works perfectly, why not spending your money on something that is worth the lifetime.

Let’s Get Back to Basic in 7 Ways

Cold weather has starting and it is enticing to eat lots of food and wrap yourself under the cozy, warm blanket and totally skip your exercise routine today. Do not wait until Christmas or the swimsuit season arrives and you had to jump off to the extreme crash diet that is maybe not suitable for you. Instead, stay fit and healthy with these basic tips during the cold season.

Eat Healthy

Simple equation of any fitness program is to eat healthy and exercise. Eat plenty of good carbs, protein, vitamins and healthy fats will give you a healthy body you have been dreaming of. I recommend eating small portion of meals three times a day to keep up with your metabolism. When buying and cooking food, make sure you take a sneak peek through the nutritional fact on the food packaging, aim around 45% of carbs, 30% protein and 25% fats. This is the ratio that your body need daily.

The Water Wonder

When speaking of basic things, water is always in the list of fitness and health. It is true by all means that water is the key to keep your body hydrated. Since our body is made of 70% water, fill it up as much as possible. Below is the simple formula to know how many water you should drink depending on your body weight:

Body weight (KG) x 0.03 = Minimum water intake daily.


As mentioned earlier, eating healthy and exercise is the basic forms of fitness and weight loss. Working out three to four times a week is a good way to make your body adapt the changes, if you are the kind of person that does not exercise before. When your body gets used to it, then maintain it regularly. After few weeks and months, you will notice and feel the energy increase and there will be some significant changes in your body. Spend around 30 – 60 minutes every day to focus on your health like walking, running, work out etc. Also take a day off to rest, not a cheat day, just to relax your muscles and mind.

Mix and Match

If you happen to be tired with the same exercise routine every day, I would suggest you do some other physical activities that are fun and easy to do like dancing, rock climbing, swimming, playing tennis etc. These are also a form of exercises that helps you burn fat faster and keep you motivated at the same time. Trying out these new activities help you work out your body differently but are also good for your cardiovascular system since it moves your overall body. It is all up to you, whether you are more comfortable with gym exercises or the indoor or outdoor sports routine. As long as you are doing a physical exercises that help your body stay active.

Ask for Help

Maybe you are wondering why you still did not lose weight even after you have followed the exercise routine religiously. What you need now is an expert’s advice. Consult a fitness professional that can help you point out your problem. You can also join forum, blogs or other discussion online to help you pick up some useful tips and regarding weight loss and fitness. Do not be hesitated to ask, they are there for some reason. It is important to ask especially if it is regarding your health and body.

Learning New Skills

You are never too old to learn new skills. As a matter of fact, learning new skills can greatly help your mental function. Try yoga, boxing, martial arts, canoeing etc. these are activities you can easily learn anywhere, even in your local parks or any local sports association. While learning some new skills, also try to make some new friends. You will never know sharing some stories might help you to be more motivated in losing weight and you will want to achieve it more.

Set Goals

Never try to lose weight before setting any goals in life because you will just working out without any direction and end up giving up and worse – gaining more weight! What you should do before trying to lose weight is to ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Why – Choose a specific goal of why you want to lose weight and read it aloud every time you feel like giving up. This can help you stay motivated.
  • How – How are you going to lose weight? Create a step by step fitness plan that will gradually help you lose more pounds every day. Measure your Body Mass Index regularly by recording it in your chart, your body fat analysis, and photos of how your body has progress for the past few weeks and months.
  • When – This is perhaps the most crucial part of it all. Pick a specific date you want to achieve your goal. Make sure by the time you reach the date, you also lose that specific amount of pounds in your body. My advice, just stick to your routine every day.
  • What – This part involves professional advice to help you perform what kind of work outs that is good and suitable for your body needs.

These are just some of the basic ways to help you stay fit and healthy. It does not require much equipment or tools, what you need are determination, hard work, perseverance and the ability to motivate yourself every day. Being fit and healthy does not happen in an instant but it will take time, a long time that will pay off your hard work. Good luck!

Is The Flex Belt Safe To Use And What Are The Guaranteed Results?

What Is The Flex Belt? 

This is actually the first device approved by the FDA used by both males and females to strengthen, for toning and make core muscles firm. It’s just worn around the abdomen like a normal belt for 30 minutes. The Flex Belt can be worn any time of the day or night and even one is performing their daily chores.

There is no need of hiring a personal trainer, attending the gym or taking a few minutes of your time to get into a tough workout routine. With this belt, you don’t need crunches, windmills, sit-ups, butt-ups, side bends or any other ab workout routines. It’s safe to use for everyone.

Most people might be a little skeptical about trying a new product worried about their safety. Basically, before using the belt, they simply need an assurance that it will not harm them. So, is the Flex Belt safe?

Here are a few ways to answer this question.

-First, the belt has been approved for use by the FDA. As such before it was released into the market, it was tested vigorously and produced nothing but positive results. On that note, every flex belt in the market currently has been declared safe by the authorities.

-Besides the vigorous safety tests conducted by the FDA, there are also independent authorities that conducted their own tests. Experts like John Pocari who specializes in studying the mechanics behind various exercising and workout equipment has declared that the belt delivers amazing results within 2 weeks.

-Lastly, there are numerous reviews from many users on the internet who has proven the effectiveness of the belt in providing quality results and its safety.

Likely Results:
Celebrities, renowned trainers and athletes want to associate their names with this product because of the results. In 2008, after John Pocari conducted a study using the Flex Belt he concluded the following:
-All the users revealed that their abs felt better toned and firmer
-Around 92.3% felt an increase in the overall firmness of their abs
A thermal photograph taken of the abdomen with a Flex Belt tied around it indicated red areas all around the abdomen which is as a result of the abdomen heating up during a single session. Also, at least 191 customers on Amazon gave the product a customer feedback score of 4.

Mid section of man and woman
Flex Belt Overview – Does It Work?

What Is The Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt is a portable abdominal belt that targets the abs with electrical charges that stimulate the muscles without any manual action from the person wearing it. They are meant to help the user tone the stomach and strengthen its corresponding muscles without having to make the time for difficult exercise routines such as sit ups and crunches. It allows people to essentially work out even while sitting at their desk or taking some time to relax on the couch at the end of the day.

It’s of no surprise that the Flex Belt (flex belt guide) has become a hit since exercise is generally seen as too difficult or time consuming by a lot of people. Anything that can allow someone to tone their stomachs – one of the most common areas which people wish were smaller – with minimal effort on their part will obviously be highly desired. The Flex Belt is not the first of its kind however, and many of the earlier ab belts were shoddily designed.

Given that, the Flex Belt was met with a lot of scrutiny when it was first introduced to the market. The biggest saving grace of the product is that it was the first product of its kind to be approved by the FDA. It was designed and manufactured by an Irish company with over 4 decades of experience in the production of Electro Muscular Stimulation (commonly referred to with the acronym EMS) devices for medical and consumer use alike. The products they’ve worked on over the years have been used in over 5,000 clinics around the world.

How Does The Flex Belt Work?

The central nervous system is always sending electrical impulses to control muscles. The EMS design of the Flex Belt enhances that process, allowing it to reach deeper muscle layers than usually possible when the muscles are technically inactive. The signals put out by the device work their way into the nerves of the abdominal area, causing the muscles to retract and relax in rhythm, simulating a full work out. Studies suggest that one hundred percent of Flex Belt users have found their abs to be more toned after six weeks of use. Provided the product is used as instructed, the Flex Belt does indeed work. Check out this article: The Medical Side of Ab Belts to learn more about how Flex Belt works.

Side Effects of Garcinia Cambogia You Need to Know About

Garcinia cambogia has received wide spread media attention especially its ability to reducing one’s weight. This has led to the product being referred to as the “holy grail” of weight loss. While it benefits and contributions to weight loss are wonderful, all this is due to the active ingredient known as hydroxycitric acid or in short HCA.

The main ingredient works in the body not only to manipulate enzymes and prevent conversion of fat but to also suppress one’s appetite therefore preventing one from consuming junk food which contributes directly to the formation and storage of fat in the body.

While garcinia cambogia has received widespread media attention regarding its benefits, it does not come without some side effects too.

Below are the side effects of the product.

Mild headaches

Garcinia helps one lose weight in various ways and one of them involves appetite suppression. This occurs when the active ingredient HCA increases the levels of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that is produced by the body therefore improving one’s mood in the process.

With improved mood, emotional problems such as sadness and stress are eliminated which in turn prevent one from eating junk food through appetite suppression therefore losing weight in the process.

Due to the changes that your body is undergoing that is weight loss, one will experience mild headaches. Appetite suppression prevents you from consuming food therefore denying your body vital nutrients. To eliminate the mild headaches, you can use over the counter painkillers but it is important to visit your physician for a checkup.

Fatty stools

Garcinia cambogia is an effective product that helps to promote fat blockage which means that fat will not be stored in the body. Citric lyase is an enzyme found in the body and its main function is to convert carbs and sugar into fatty acids and cholesterol.

The body utilizes the fat as an energy source but when all the fat is not utilized, the body stores it around various parts such as the hips, thighs and waist. This leads to obesity. When one consumes garcinia, HCA halts fat formation and storage by interrupting citric lyase. This means a lot of fat will be present in the stomach and finally it will be eliminated through the normal channel therefore the presence of fat in stools.

It’s important to use a quality product in the right dosage to get the desired effects and minimize the side effects. Read about Slimming Garcinia – it’s the best product I’ve tried and I recommend it to all my readers.