Discover the Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Denver, Colorado

Denver, the capital of Colorado that dates back to the Old West era, has plenty of surprises in store for you when you visit. It has plenty of things ready to do, see, try and experience, including art, culture, beautiful architecture, and a thriving food scene. One of the must-see places here is Larimer Square, as it is the oldest block in the city containing monuments and buildings from the 19th century. In addition to this, you should also visit the mansion of the famous Titanic survivor, Molly Brown, the Denver Museum of Art, with its exhibitions of indigenous works and, of course, you must not forget to dine in its many gluten-free bakeries and cafés.

The Allergy Free Baking Company is a 100 percent gluten- and nut-free establishment, and the staff says it can easily adapt to dairy, soy, corn, and egg allergies or other intolerances. The co-founders, Nicole and Jeremy Kurland, started baking allergy-friendly treats after two of their children and a close friend were diagnosed with multiple food allergies. You can tell that everything at Allergy Free Baking Company is baked from a place of love. The Gluten Escape is a gluten-free, dairy, soy protein, dried fruit and gluten-free peanut bakery, and 95 percent of its products are egg-free (vegan) free.

The bakery always has a wide range of gluten-free delights waiting for you in its fully stocked display cases. I had the opportunity to try some of the wet cupcakes from The Gluten Escape, which I must add, they are also very well frosted. I've also met the owner, Kathy Letson, on several occasions, and it's obvious that she's passionate about meeting the vast needs of Denver's gluten-free community. She herself faces a range of food allergies and intolerances, as do many members of her family.

In addition to being a pastry shop dedicated exclusively to gluten-free products, No Cow Cafe is also a full-service coffee shop with plenty of seating in a well-lit space. You can enjoy a quiet breakfast or lunch with No Cow Café's modest but extensive breakfast and lunch menu. For breakfast, choose between eggs, waffles, pancakes, and French toast, and for lunch, choose between sandwiches, nachos, baked potatoes, or cheese fries. Don't be fooled by the sloppy No Cow Café website (it's a disaster) because the bakery is clean, attractive, and very pleasant.

Beet Box is a Denver bakery and coffee shop that offers vegan pastries, breads, sandwiches and gluten-free options. The interiors of the place radiate a relaxed atmosphere and a homely atmosphere with their wooden chairs, pink tables and cute decorations. They are also proud to offer dairy-, egg-, and gluten-free pastries. They also have a great selection of cakes and candies on their menu including cinnamon rolls, baked donuts rolls muffins and more sweet surprises.

Don't forget to try one of their best sellers which are their oversized cinnamon rolls with a sticky center. Olive and Finch is known for being a Denver restaurant that offers a perfect menu for breakfast lunch and dinner all made from scratch and freshly made every day using quality ingredients. Little did everyone know that it also has a bakery that offers extraordinary gluten-free delights. The bakery menu ranges from classic favorites to gourmet sweets.

In addition they also have custom-made cakes perfect for any celebration. The best seller here is the coconut cake which is gluten- and nut-free topped with sweet vanilla frosting and sprinkled with coconut zest; be sure to order it when you visit. Feast on gluten-free candy at these 10 metropolitan area bakeries and restaurants. Gluten a specialty bakery in Denver with a large store offers gluten-free candies dairy peanuts and soy proteins for people with food allergies.

Rheinlander Bakery a long-established family bakery in Denver offers luxurious cakes German pastries and gluten-free delights. Happy Bakeshop a gourmet neighborhood bakery in Denver aims to make its customers happy by offering handmade desserts and candies with vegan and gluten-free options. Aime's Love I first tried Aime's Love treats at the Nourished Festival in Denver where I quickly realized that this gluten-free pastry is authentic. In addition to visiting each bakery dedicated to gluten-free products I took it upon myself to try some of the gluten-free treats in each of them all in the name of research.

Sugar Bakeshop a small bakery and coffee shop in Denver offers quality homemade treats perfect for people who need a little or more sugar in their lives. If you are in Denver and are looking for a one-stop shop selling gluten-free products and meals then Deby's Gluten Free cafeteria is a must see for you with its wide range of products for all types of diners and foodies. But thanks to the plethora of bakeries in Denver and elsewhere people with a gluten aversion now have more places to treat themselves than ever before.